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Ready for Spring?

Here is the garden all sleepy-like! The first volunteering opportunity in the garden is Saturday, March 30 from 11am-3pm so mark your calendar.


Wednesday, February 27 from 6:30-7:30pm at Peete’s Coffee Green Lake

Are you an organizer? Is your thumb really green? Work well with others? Can you cheer lead for the garden? Then we need you! Come see how you can put your awesome talents to work helping the garden committee.

Questions or want to be added to an email list for Garden Committee meetings, garden news, and garden volunteer opportunities? Email Heather Dohan and Sheri Skuja, co-garden coordinators at: olalliegarden@greenlakedragons.org

Garden Volunteer Days

Mark your calendar for these spring Garden Volunteer Days. Your help makes a difference!

Saturday, March 30 from 11am-3pm – composting
Saturday, April 27 from 11am-3pm – mulching
Saturday, May 18 from 11am-3pm
Saturday, June 8 from 11am-3pm

Plus a few ad hoc gardening opportunities TBD.

Questions? Contact us at: olalliegarden@greenlakedragons.org  ​​



Garden Rules

Welcome to the GLES Olallie Garden! Our school’s Learning Garden is created and maintained by parent volunteers, GLES PTA, and the larger Green Lake community.

Our garden rules:

  1. Respect all living things. This includes plants, worms, and other soil creatures, birds, yourself, and all the people around you, too!
  2. Respect the garden structure. Keep soil in the garden beds. Leave stones, wood, log borders, and markers in place. Please do not dig holes, block pathways, or climb on the sculptures.
  3. Be invited. Before you eat something from a plant, wait for an adult to invite you to pick and eat. Always look closely at a plant before eating it.
  4. Follow the “cool tool rule” (aka the belly button rule). Keep all garden tools below your belly button, to keep yourself and your friends safe! This includes all sticks, logs, rocks and wood chips, too. Have a grown-up by your side if you are using an adult tool. Put tools away when you are done.
  5. Use your garden feet and garden voice.  Move safely in the garden and stay on garden paths, so you can see, hear, and enjoy more of its beauty! Listen for instructions from your teacher, caregiver, or garden instructor.

We are glad you are here!

The garden needs your help to stay green and thrive over the summer. Consider signing up to help at: http://signup.com/go/dHcDPui  .

Information on watering is here: General Summer Watering Guide-2018-web

and in a binder in the garden shed.

Water training is available by request. Contact us at: olalliegarden@greenlakedragons.org

Garden on June 9, 2018…