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Finally, we can spend time together in the garden – no work required.  Phase II is complete and Olallie Garden is having a Grand Opening.  Please join us Saturday, October 2, 2010 10:30am to 12:00pm.

We have great  things planned: food, coffee and juice, music by Steve Hansen and Angela Blemker beginning at 10:30am to about 11:00; garden tours; a

Outdoor classroom paver

brief thank you presentation, a surprise gift to the library and more music with the Northwest Youth Bagpipe Band.   Come and join us for some fun and learn about our future plans! OlallieGardeninvite


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Bring your work gloves and join us for some gardening fun. Stop by anytime on Sunday, Sep 26 between 9am and 4pm,  see all the work we’ve done so far and lend a hand.  Oh and we’ll have coffee and donuts too.

  • Location:    Green Lake Elementary Olallie Garden
  • Where:        2400 N. 65th Seattle WA 98103
  • When:         Sunday Sep 26 –  9am to 4pm
  • Bring:          Gloves, water bottle, shovels (If U can)
  • If you have questions please email us at:


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    The Olallie Garden Steering Committee decided early on that one of our goals during the garden creation process was to be as green as possible.  It was a challenge and an opportunity for sure.  We had to be creative and  maximize our resources.  We looked at everything; the  structures and elements in the garden, the way we did the work and what to do with the bits of stuff that accumulates as you progress.  So here we are many months later and Katherine reminded me the other day of all the ways in which we walked our talk and unfurled our shades of green:

    1. Reclaimed  door to the tool shed from ReStore.

    2. Green roof on tool shed creates oxygen.

    3. Collecting water in the rain barrel.

    4. Siding on the tool shed was reclaimed wood from Earthwise.

    5. Transplanted shrubs instead of getting rid of them.

    6. Composted yard waste with Cedar Grove.

    7. Recycled wood scraps.

    8. Re-used bench forms so we did not have to make a lot.

    9. Used less cement in Rammed Earth Benches, than in traditional concrete.

    10. The path is made from compacted gravel, not concrete.

    11. Consolidated delivery loads and times.

    12. Reused the straw from last years Charlotte’s Web school production.

    13. Used grass seed for NW conditions.

    14. Pruned plants instead of removing.

    15. Planted grass seed in the fall to make use of the rainy season.

    16. Recycled our cans and bottles from the work parties.

    17. Made paths to go around existing plants and hills.

    18. Used soil excavated from the paths and put it into the planting beds.

    19. Designed the garden to minimize mowing/weed wacking.

    20. Removed Rosa rugosa, exotic possibly invasive plant.

    21. Re-positioned existing boulders.

    22. Used re-claimed slate from ReStore as a message board on the demonstration shed building.

    23. Placed all excess gravel under the ramp.

    24. Place excess rocks under the demonstration tool shed.

    25. Wood stakes used for the path were donated to the ReStore.

    26. Recruited volunteers locally and lots of volunteers came on bikes or walked to the site.

    27. Encouraged volunteers to bring their own water bottles.

    28. Used “bad” gravel as fill.

    29. Used leftover grout for colorant in the rammed earth benches.

    30. Most of our communications were via the internet.

    31. Used excavated soil to fill in existing ruts.

    32. Used tools from volunteers, instead of buying new tools.

    33. Group lunches, were purchased locally which saved car gas.

    34. We used hand/human powered tampers for the REB instead of gas powered tools.

    Our green roof adding oxygen to the environment. What's your roof doing?

    35. Re-donated reclaimed lumber or or traded excess lumber for another material.

    36. GLSA tended and harvested veggies and watered critical plants, instead of adult volunteers driving to school to take care of plants and also drive to foodbank.

    37. Some  materials came from a local hardware store, instead of driving farther for cheaper products.

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    Fairies in our garden

    Just before the morning light

    Dewdrop fairies take their flight

    Sprinkling earth with dewdrop honey

    Dawn a day that’s bright and sunny.

    In a winter, cold and gray, they sprinkle frost jewels at our feet

    Covering all the winding way

    With twinkling gems to greet.

    Snowflake fairies high above

    Sprinkle earth with their gift of love

    Gently scattering as their duty

    Lightly falling flakes of beauty.

    -Author Unknown

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    Path to completion

    We’ve come so far but we need to finish our larger projects before the kids come back to school. Join us for a community building garden project. We’re  focused on finishing the path, making it wheelchair friendly, and on the outdoor classroom for all the kids.
    Saturday and Sunday – September 4 and September 5 we are hoping to have more volunteers to help us shovel in the gravel for our new garden path and complete our outdoor classroom. Come by 9:30 to 12:00, 1pm to 4pm or anywhwere in between. All help is welcome and appreciated. Please bring a water bottle to minimize trash and a shovel and work gloves (if you can) and be prepared to get dirty.

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