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I know that lots of the Green Lake parent community is going to want to spend the day primping for the “Mom Prom” (school auction) this Saturday, but the Garden Club has secured a donation from Cedar Grove of 4 yards of garden soil.  We need some folks to come out Saturday April 24th after 10am with shovels, buckets or wheelbarrels to help move it from a pile of dirt on the front lawn into our fabulous new raised beds.  We are hoping to be all ready for Spring planting this weekend for Ms. Blemker’s Kindergarten class.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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Well, we just completed our first project work party and what a success.  Somehow, we managed to luck out with the best weather in two weeks with blue skies and sunshine.  We had 40 volunteers on hand donating 125 hours of labor.  We were able to complete all four of our raised beds.  Each one gets progressively taller until the last one stands at 24”: perfect height for students in wheelchairs to be able to dig in.  The Shoreline Lowe’s came through with a 75% donation of all our raised bed materials which was HUGE.  Thank you Jim Corbett of Lowe’s.

We also had students from Ms. Blemker’s class on hand to create and populate our new school worm bins.  Our wigglers came from Seattle Tilth and a big thank you to the Garden Hot Line for all their great consultation.

We even had enough volunteers on hand to remove some overpowering Rosa rugosa that had overrun the garden and to relocate some choice natives we wanted to keep, but were in the wrong location.

Green Lake Garden Club would like to extend a giant Thank You to everyone who worked so hard to make our first work part go so smooth.  We would like to especially thank Scout Troop 70 lead by Eagle Scout Candidate, Corey Metzner for sharing their Saturday with us.

Hey!  Check out our new photos of the work party.

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